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Humble BeginningsCollapse )

End of week stats:

New Households: 3 (Queenston/Shelburne, Kitana/Klara, and FIrebolt/AvelinA)
Households: 15
Births: Rephaim Storybook, Kintore Ontario, Stevie Rae Storybook, Koala and Grumpy Bear, Logan Brown, Dorset, Clinton, and Motherwell Ontario, and Paxa Foster
Deaths: Max and Thea Storybook, Juliet Brown
Community Lots: 12 [Maplecliffe Food Mart (now comm), Man's Best Friends (now comm), Little Brown Boutique (now comm), Vayu's unnamed bakery/electronics store, and Sailor's unnamed toy store, Mist and Magic (Bear), Gabriel's museum, Aurora's unbuilt store, Maplecliffe Dinner Cruise (comm), and In Da Club (comm)], Maplecliffe Theatre

Careers unlocked: Adventure, Architecture X1 (1 filled) Business, Criminal x1 (1 filled) Education X7 (3 filled), Law Enforcement X5 (1 filled), Politics (1 filled), Slacker X1 (1 filled), Culinary (1 filled), Military (unfilled), Intelligence X1 (1 filled), Music
Burglaries: 2
Fires: 1

Sim Multiplier: 8
Total Population: 73 (584)
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 5
Children: 10
Teens: 15
Adults: 37
Elders: 6

Another update, another nice population boost!